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Last updated 9/23/2012
Welcome to our website, www.Station504.com or www.gallery504.biz. Enjoy the drawings of Patrick and the art that Ron creates that is the website. In reading, I am struck by how academic training does not translate to creating legendary art work, I confess to a Master’s Degree in Art, but I do think I have gotten over that. Then again being in the Art Department was a wonderful time of learning.

We only sell posters for non profits who like us and who we like. Good news is that we raised several hundred dollars for rescue dogs in March. Thank you for your support and continued interest.

Theseus said it best when artist try to explain their art

No epilogue, I pray you; for your play needs no
excuse. Never excuse; for when the players are all
dead, there needs none to be blamed. Marry, if he
that writ it had played Pyramus and hanged himself
in Thisbe's garter, it would have been a fine
tragedy: and so it is, truly; and very notably
discharged. But come, your Bergomask: let your
epilogue alone.

Act V, Scene 1, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
William Shakespeare

Patrick Wm. Connally



We would like to dedicate this site to Sharon Stickels Our Office manger and logistics person, Board Member and a terrific activist. We will all miss her greatly.
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